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The wishes of the older adult are our first priority. 


Knowledge is POWER

Ongoing education is KEY to success.  One of my clients was reading to learn how to improve understanding of Autism  through animals...

She was 94 years old. 


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Geriatric Services Consulting


Meet the Director, Sheila M. Greuel, MA

Meet the Director, Sheila M. Greuel, MA

Meet the Director, Sheila M. Greuel, MA

 I am a central Illinois native.  My family instilled in me strong care-giving values for the elders we encounter along life's journey.  My undergraduate studies in  Consumer Affairs educated and inspired the advocacy spirit  in me.  Earning a Master's Degree in Gerontology  enriched my passion  developed during 30 years experience in providing community services  for elders.  Nine years experience in Community Mental Health  has enlightened me to the specific needs of our elder population and fueled my passion for advocating and serving them through my own company.     

 I feel it is my vocation in life to work with elders and train the professionals that work with and for them.  I believe  life is to be respected to the natural end.  That, to me, means helping the elder to retain their dignity and purpose throughout the phases and  transition of their lives. ​

​This is my passion! I look  forward to working with you and your family to make this transition as  smooth as possible in a way that shows love and respect towards your loved one.  I have equal passion to train professionals so they are equipped with best practices when working with elders. 


In a Nutshell...

Meet the Director, Sheila M. Greuel, MA

Meet the Director, Sheila M. Greuel, MA

Covenant Transitions was developed to help professionals and family members provide the best possible care for elders.  We believe proper training which inspires passion and belief in person centered care is the best way to accomplish this goal. We also provide individual case management services to support the elder while living in their own home.  Transition services are provided to elders moving from where they are to where they want to be.  These services work directly with the elder to help them find where THEY want to live, determine what THEY want to take with them and help them adjust and orient in their new surroundings. 


Services for You

Meet the Director, Sheila M. Greuel, MA

Services for You

Education for Professionals and Elders

Transition Services for Elders to help you relocate to the setting of your choice

Case Management to help you and your family navigate elder care

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