About Us

Evidence-based Programs We Present

PEARLS - Program Encouraging Active and Rewarding Lives

Healthy IDEAS- Identifying Depression, Empowering Activities for Seniors

A Matter of Balance- Managing Concerns about Falls

The Savvy Caregiver - Helping family caregivers of Individuals with dementia

Powerful Tools for Caregivers - Improving the lives of caregivers

Respecting Choices First Steps- Advance Care Planning, a guide to person centered conversations

Presenting Our Newest Program

Respecting Choices First Steps is an Advance Care Planning program designed to guide person-centered conversations regarding specifics of end of life care.  

Upcoming Programs

  • A Matter of Balance will be offered coming Spring 2019
  • Take Charge Diabetes Self Management will be held at the Moultrie County Health Department Fall 2019.
  • Respecting Choices First Steps will be offered in Coles and Moultrie Counties coming in January and February 2019
  • Healthy IDEAS will be offered December 8, 2018 CASA, Chicago
  • PEARLS  training coming in January , 2019 McHenry County Call for more information

      Please Call 217 725-6081 to register. 

  • Immersion in Long-Term Care  coming in Spring, 2019.                                  

For more information or to register for these programs call Covenant Transitions.                  217 725-6081           


Client Centered Services


The Center Point of this Organization is Client Centered Services.  It is ALWAYS about the Elder FIRST.  
We meet you where you are or where you chose to meet. 

Confidentiality is upheld to the highest degree.  Client information is not shared without a signed release by the client except in life threatening situations. 

Training events are customized to meet the needs of the requesting agency.  We can bring the training to your office. 

Potential Clients' Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you provide personal care for my parent?  

A. No but I do make referrals to home care agencies and exceptional individuals I know that do provide care. 

Q. Are you insured for this type of work? 

A. Yes I am insured and bonded to provide these services.

Q. What professional organizations are you affiliated with? 

A.  I am a member of the the American Society on Aging and the National Association of Senior Move Managers. 

Client Feedback


"I thought seeing practice sessions was very useful"

"Useful information for any clinician"

"All of the material was presented effectively and examples given". 

Transition Services Feedback

" Sheila has gone above and beyond what I had expected in orchestrating a wraparound service plan that covered all areas of needs for my father" T. E.